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A Few Words About Us

A love of pets inspired us to come up with an alternative or addition to kibble

Fresh and affordable is our goal

A life challenge and our own 2 pups inspired us to start a pet food business. While both of our dogs were “new to us” when we got them, they were adults and had previously been in other homes. Unfortunately, tummy troubles were evident right away.  Our vet suggested feeding a simple meal of home cooked chicken & rice to settle the upset, and that started us along the path of researching dog kibble vs “real” food. The rest as they say, is history.

We are thrilled to be running a small business in Barrie and are fully committed to bringing real, homemade, food to your furry family members. No additives, fillers or preservatives are added.

Our mission is to prepare healthy, balanced, human grade food for your pet.

Our vision is that every pet is treated with love, kindness and good food.

Ask about discount pricing when you order a 30 day supply at once.

Free delivery in the Barrie area.

Sending our best to you and all of your family members. 

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favourite joyfull pet food flavour: chicken lickin' good
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Packager/Delivery Guy


favourite joyfull pet food flavour: italian night
Taste testers and


Oscar's favourite joyfull pet food flavour: all of them. room temperature please
Toby's favourite joyfull pet food flavour: lip smacking lamb.